Wakirana St, Galiwinku, Elcho Island NT Australia, - PMB 74, via Winnellie, NT, 0822 - (08) 8987 9044 - Principal Joe Hewett

Shepherdson College is a bilingual school of 700 students located in Galiwin’ku on Elcho Island in the North-east of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. We offer a comprehensive program from birth to year 12. If you are thinking of working or volunteering with us please read this and other related material.

Shepherdson College is one of nine bilingual schools in the Northern Territory. The Yolŋu languages of Djambarrpuyŋu, Gupapuyŋu, Gälpu, Gumatj, Wangurri, Warramiri, Rirratjiŋu, Golumala, Ḏäṯiwuy and Ŋaymil are just some of the first languages of the Galiwin’ku community. Our bilingual program has a strong learning focus on literacy and numeracy through the two languages of Djambarrpuyŋu and English. Literacy in Djambarrpuyŋu precedes the introduction of formal English reading and writing in Year 4. Planning, delivery and assessment is facilitated by Teaching Teams. Within a Teaching Team, the classroom teacher and the Yolŋu teacher learn together through a sharing of knowledge and understanding in a rich cross-cultural teaching and learning context. Our Literature Production Centre (LPC) resources the school's bilingual program. Visit the LPC website to view our resources and learn about Yolŋu language(s) and culture and Shepherdson College at lpc.elcho.org.

We are a 'Learning on Country' school and aim to raise our children 'Both-ways' Yolŋu and Balanda focusing on traditional Rom (lore) to bring meaning to the national curriculum and English lessons. We also use the Talking Namba framework to help Yolŋu children bridge the gap between traditional numeracy and western Maths.

Galiwin’ku is a large indigenous community of almost 3,000 people with most people here holding to traditional ways of hunting living, art and law.