• School Based Reports are delivered by class teachers on the last weeks of term 2 and 4.
  • All Useful data goes into our GradeXpert database so you can have immediate on your students, and also generate a paper report to go home. (server pc-d-fy6292s)
  • SAIS stores compliance data and achievement scores for territory A to E reports.
  • Portfolios are a visual record of our students development. Please take the time to document their progress with photos of them and their work.
  • The timeline for data entry is below.

School based reports.

A printed report is generated from GradeXpert for all children on your roll.

Please ensure all data entry is up to date, professional and spell checked, especially any Yolŋu Matha.

    • Comments are to be about the child's progress, state what achievements they made and what they needs to do to progress to the next standard.
    • Be specific, only use positive language, and encourage the children. Never be degrading or vague.
      • Praise effort not attributes (never say “good boy” or "Eric is clever", say “Eric worked hard to achieve this result.”)
      • Assessing effort level, please use Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, Improving, and Needs improving.
    • Use accessible language, do not cut and paste from curriculum documents.

SAIS stores data neccessary for funding and system reporting, but also achievement scores for A to E student reports. NCCD and ESL data affects school funding, so it's important to get these in on time.

      • If you have students who are achieving more than 'E' in more than ESL, ILC and Namba, you can select a more thorough report from this list.
      • As most of our students score mostly E, this is not a usual process.
Assessment Schedule

Student Portfolios

Staff should document student progress via photo and video:

  • Ensure that your phone is connected to the school wifi.
  • Capture an image or video with your phone, (Apple app, Android app)
  • Via google drive drag the image into the student's portfolio.
  • To make it easier:
  1. install the app. (Apple app, Android app)
  2. Go to (while logged into a computer with your account)
  3. Select 'Shared with me'
  4. Right click 'Student-Portfolios' > Select 'Add to My Drive'
  5. Now you can drag your photos and video directly into a student's portfolio.
  • Also consider setting up Google Drive shortcuts on your phone, to scan straight to your class folder.